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Name Origin MeaningM/FCelebrity Baby?Celebrity?Shortlist
IvyNot SureBotanical name for any one of a large number of climbing or creeping ornamental plants or vinesBoyShortlist
HermesNot SureMessenger of the gods; also the name of famous French design label HermèsBoyYesShortlist
RachelNot Sure-BoyYesShortlist
MarcelleNot SureWarring; feminine form of Marcellus, a name believed to have its root in Mars, the name of the mythological Roman god of war; also related to the name MarkBoyShortlist
NoriceNot Sure-BoyShortlist
AXELNot SureFather of peace; variant of Absalom,BoyYesShortlist
LeighNot Sure-BoyYesShortlist
FloydNot SureGray,BoyYesShortlist
IkerNot SureVisitBoyYesShortlist
CaspianNot SureBorrowed from the seaBoyYesShortlist
AvianaNot SureOrigin unclear; possible variant or blend of Ava, Anna, or AvivaBoyYesShortlist
TripNot SureTrueBoyYesShortlist
PrincetonNot SureFrom the town or place belonging to the prince or the royal family; an ivy league university in New Jersey,BoyYesShortlist
RoryNot SureRuddy,BoyYesShortlist
MeaganNot Sure-BoyYesShortlist
HilaryNot SureCheerful; derived from the Latin Hilarius; Sir Edmund Hillary lead the first expedition to successfully climb Mount Everest.BoyYesShortlist
BronxNot SureBorough in New York CityBoyYesShortlist
GiulianaNot SureYoung.BoyYesShortlist
TobeyNot SureDance (Hopi); Hopi dances are not just beautiful, but an integral part of the culture.BoyYesShortlist
WentworthNot SureWanderer, stranger; see also WendaBoyYesShortlist
VirginieNot Sure-BoyShortlist
KeeraNot SurePrincessBoyShortlist
NiahNot Sure-BoyShortlist
NyaNot Sure-BoyShortlist
IndigoNot SureDeep blue-violetBoyYesShortlist
BiannahNot SureStrong oneBoyShortlist
BianneNot SureStrong oneBoyShortlist
ByanNot SureStrong oneBoyShortlist
ByanaNot SureStrong oneBoyShortlist
ByanahNot SureStrong oneBoyShortlist
ByaneNot SureStrong oneBoyShortlist
ByannNot SureStrong oneBoyShortlist
ByannahNot SureStrong oneBoyShortlist
BriannNot SureStrong oneBoyShortlist
ByannaNot SureStrong oneBoyShortlist
BianahNot SureStrong oneBoyShortlist
BianeNot SureStrong oneBoyShortlist
BiannNot SureStrong oneBoyShortlist
BreannNot SureStrong oneBoyShortlist
BreeanNot SureStrong oneBoyShortlist
IanneNot SurePurityBoyShortlist
DaniellaNot Sure-BoyYesShortlist
AgnieszkaNot SurePurityBoyYesShortlist
AlyNot Sure-BoyYesShortlist
MayseeNot Sure-BoyShortlist
MayseyNot Sure-BoyShortlist
MaysiNot Sure-BoyShortlist
MaysieNot Sure-BoyShortlist
MaysyNot Sure-BoyShortlist
MaeseeNot SureMaize, sweet corn; The Scottish form of Margaret; PearlBoyShortlist