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The pre-Columbian inhabitants and their descendents of South & North America are referred to as the Americas indigenous peoples. In Spanish speaking areas, they are called pueblos indígenas, Native American Indians or simply Indians in the U.S., Aboriginals in Canada, and Amerindian in Guyana. Human migration, according to the prevalent New World model, took place at least 12,000 years ago from Eurasia to the Americas by way of a land bridge (Beringia) which formed a connection between the 2 continents. American Indian history transmitted orally for centuries claims their inhabitence in the Americas since their creation. The early Paleo-Indian people eventually diversified across the Americas becoming several hundred culturally unique and distinct tribes and nations. The term “Indian” was actually a result of mistaken identity by the explorer, Christopher Columbus, who erroneously believed he had arrived in the East Indies when he landed in North America. He called the native people Indians, and the term became codified in religion, law, and politics. The aboriginal peoples long resisted the term, but over the last 2 centuries, many have embraced the implications and the identity. The Alutiq, Aleuts, Yupik, Inuit, and Cupik indigenous peoples are not included in the “Indian” classification. The American Indians practiced agriculture and aquaculture, as well as the traditional hunter-gatherer roles. Collaborative work sharing and resource pooling was common among the indigenous tribes, and their agricultural knowledge sharing enabled the Pilgrims to survive in their “new America”. History indicates the Pilgrims grateful feast following the plentiful harvest produced by the assistance from the Indians, became the very first Thanksgiving, an annual celebration still practiced today. Several countries still contain large populations of the indigenous peoples, particularly Peru, Bolivia, Columbia, Mexico, Ecuador, and Guatemala. Over a thousand different languages are spoken by millions of American Indians. Some of the most prevalent languages are Mayan, Nahuatl, Aymara, and Quechua. Spirituality, religious customs and cultures varied among the American Indian tribes, and contributed to their naming customs for their children. The Native American Names Native American Indians are probably the most unbiased, non-gender superiority of all groups when it comes to their naming customs. The American Indian names are equally divided between both males and females, unlike most cultures which typically dominated by masculine names. Gender Neutral Names Highly compassionate and appreciative of individual differences, as well as respectful of persons rather than genders, Native American Indians had many unisex names. Names which could be used for males or females appear in all American Indian tribes. Some of them which are still used and have become popular in the U.S. are Isi (Choctaw for "deer"), Shikoba (Choctaw for "feather"), Citlali (Nahuatl for "star"), and Nuka (Greenlandic for "little or younger sibling"). Some Native American names used by the indigenous peoples of the Americas are listed below. Tribal origination or language and meaning are included where available. American Indian Name m/f Tribe or Language Meaning Aylen, Ailen f Mapuche clear or happiness Ahtahkakoop m Cree star blanket Antiman m Mapuche condor of the sun Calfuray f Mapuche flower (violet) Cowessess m Saulteaux/Ojibwa little child Maiara f Tupi wise Goyathlay m Apache one who yawns Sayen f Mapuche sweet, lovely Zyanya f Zapotec forever, always Nanuk, Nanook m Inuktitut polar bear Moema f Tupi sweet Pocahontas f Algonquin she is playful Naira f Aymara and Quechua big eyes Tamaya f Quechua in the center Nizhoni f Navajo beautiful Quanah m Comanche fragrant Quidel m Mapuche burning torch Rayen f Mapuche flower Wayna m Quechua young Goyathlay was the real name of Geronimo, the warrior Apache chief who fought against the American-Mexican expansion into his land. The name, Rayen is a top female name in Chile and a frequent choice in the Netherlands for boys.

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Name Origin MeaningM/FCelebrity Baby?Celebrity?Shortlist
LuluNative AmericanPet form of names such as Louise, Louella, or even Lucy,
KayaNative AmericanMy elder sister (Hopi)
KokoNative AmericanAdangbe of Ghana name meaning 'born second.'
Night (Blackfoot)
NashaNative AmericanBorn During Rainy Season
Owl (Navajo)
TakalaNative AmericanCorn Tassel
Corn tassel (Hopi)
LenNative AmericanBold as a lion; an abbreviation of Leonard,
Flute (Hopi)
TateNative AmericanMeasure of land,
He who talks too much
WadeNative AmericanDancing girl (Sioux)
To wade in the water, Dweller in the water, One who advances.
CHEYENNENative AmericanA name given to a tribe of the Algonquians by the Sioux, Cheyenne is derived from a word meaning unintelligible speakers, but a truer meaning might be strangers or foreigners.
WolfgangNative AmericanAdvancing wolf.
Dull knife (Cheyenne)
KaiNative AmericanWillow tree, graceful (Navajo)
Keeper of the keys
YOSKOLONative American-BoyShortlist
KOHANANative American-Shortlist
AdrielNative AmericanBeaver, symbol of skill
FloNative American-BoyShortlist
NovaNative AmericanNew,
Chases butterfly (Hopi)
OdinaNative AmericanMountain (Algonquian)
AdsilaNative American-BoyShortlist
AWENTIANative American-GirlShortlist
DyamiNative American-BoyShortlist
AhanuNative AmericanHe laughs (Algonquin)
BenaNative AmericanWisdom
AkandoNative American-BoyShortlist
BLYNative AmericanHigh
ALAQUANative American-GirlShortlist
CATORINative American-GirlShortlist
ALESHANEENative American-GirlShortlist
ChaytonNative AmericanFalcon (Sioux)
ChenoaNative AmericanDove; Saint Columba was an Irish missionary who reintroduced Christianity to Scotland. Two female saints also had this name.
ChoganNative AmericanBlackbird (Algonquin)
AnktiNative AmericanRepeat dance (Hopi)
CholenaNative American-BoyShortlist
AnokiNative American-BoyShortlist
CIQALANative American-BoyShortlist
AqueneNative American-BoyShortlist
COCHETANative AmericanThat You Cannot Imagine
ARIZONANative American-GirlShortlist
CONNECTICUTNative AmericanBeside the Long River
ARKANSASNative AmericanSouthern Wind
CREENative AmericanTribe Name
AVONACONative AmericanLean bear (Cheyenne)
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