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Mersina Baby Name. Origin and Meaning of Mersina

The Name Mersina   It is 3 syllables long and is pronounced 'm(e)-rsi- na, mer -si na'.
The name Mersina or slight variations of Mersina are seen in the origins Old English, Latin

Meanings and Origins of the Name Mersina.

Old English,Latin Meanings of Mersina (Female)- Compassionate; Reward

Mersina has the following similar or variant Names:   Merce  Mercee  Mercey  Merci  Mercia  Merciah  Mercie  Mercilla  Mercillah  Mercille  Mercina  Mercinah  Cersee  Mersey  Mersi  Mersie  Mersilla  Mersillah  Mersina  Mersinah  Mersille  Mersy  Mercy 

Mersina Name Popularity

The name Mersina, is the 3556th most popular baby name at mybaby.net.au placing it in the top 5% of names on our site.

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